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1.8 Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses

1.8.1 Compensation
1.8.2 Travel Expenses
1.8.3 College Business Related Expenses
1.8.4 Reports on Board and Individual Board Member Expenditures



No member of the Board shall receive any compensation for services rendered the College.

MCL 389.112.


Travel Expenses

The Board recognizes the value of membership and attendance at conferences, workshops, and meetings at the state, regional, and national levels which are appropriate and necessary to carry out College business. Subject to Chairperson approval, the Board encourages the following:

1. The attendance of its members in one (1) out-of-state and one (1) in-state conference (inclusive of the MCCA Summer conference), workshop, or meeting per year, in addition to all other meetings and conferences offered by the Michigan Community College Association.

2. The Board appointed delegates to the Board of Directors of the Michigan Community College Association to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of its Board of Directors.

3. The Board Chairperson or his or her designee may also represent the College in one (1) international visit per year in furtherance of stated goals and the objectives of the Sister College Program.

4. Board members travel arrangements will be coordinated through the Board administrative assistant.

5. Board members will be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary required business travel expenses, per parameters for reimbursement allowed. a. Registration fees: Reimburse registration fees related to conference. b. Lodging: Reimburse at Hotel conference rate. If the hotel is sold out, the college will book a room elsewhere at a comparable rate. The difference will be noted and reported to the Audit Committee. If, for any reason, a Trustee chooses to stay at a hotel with a higher rate than the conference rate or the comparable rate booked by the college, the Trustee must pay the difference. No savings will be reimbursed if the hotel booked is at a lower rate than the conference rate. Any additional charges related to the accommodation of spouses and/or children will be the responsibility of the Trustee. c. Transportation: Reimburse at the college rate. If travel arrangements for a Trustee are made by the college and the Trustee needs to change those arrangements due to personal reasons, the Trustee will reimburse the college for any expense incurred for making those changes. Exceptions may be brought to the Audit Committee for approval.

d. Meals and Incidentals: Reimburse at the college rate.

The above is consistent with Governance Policy GP-308.

(Amended 10/17/05, 9/18/06, 4/20/09)



College Business and Travel Related Expenses

Trustees shall be eligible for reimbursement or direct payment of college business related expenses they incur as a result of their duties and activities as Trustees. Such eligible expenses shall be set forth in Board policy, which shall also establish approval and audit mechanisms that shall govern payment for such expenses.

Parameters for reimburse allowed:

a. Mileage: Mileage reimbursement be granted to Trustees for any college event where they attend in their official capacity such as Board meetings, committee meetings, graduations or any event where the Trustees get an invitation to attend.

b. Cell phone/Computer: Trustee can receive college issued cell phone and computer as indicated in the proposed policy. College issue cell phone and computer must be used for college business only.

c. Expense related to serving on a National Committee: Trustee participation on national committees related to service as a trustee will be supported by the college, but limited to conference fees, per diems, transportation and lodging. The Board must approve any other expenses in advance.

d. Home Internet Service: Board Members, upon request, will be entitled to access and use the college ISP, a broadband internet service program, provided that:

(1) The Trustee's access and use of ISP, conforms to, and complies with, the requirements of the ISP contract.

(2) The Trustee's entitlement will not exceed the limit of 50 users as specified in the contract.

(3) The cost of providing this internet access is already covered by the ISP contract.

(4) There are no additional charges to the College for installation, equipment, upgrades, etc.

(5) Participating Trustees pay the current semi- annual charge, to offset their personal use of the service. These funds are used toward the annual payment of the ISP contract.

The above is consistent with Governance Policy GP-308.

(Adopted 9/18/06), 4/20/09) Top


Reports on Board and Individual Board Member Expenditures

The chief financial officer of Lansing Community College shall present to the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees quarterly reports detailing expenditures related to the board's activities and to individual trustee activities. The quarterly reports shall be reviewed by the board at regularly scheduled board meetings. The reports on expenditures shall include, but not be limited to the following items:

Meetings of the board of trustees and board committees, whether designated as a standing, special, or ad hoc committee, a task force, or study group. The report shall identify, with reasonable specificity, each expenditure by category;

Conference, workshop or meeting attendance expenditures for each trustee, including by not limited to transportation expenses registration fees, mileage expenses and meals;

Office operations expenses, including supplies, dues and subscriptions, technology costs and depreciation for computers, phones, etc;

Professional and outside contractual services including legal services, consultant services, research and survey services. (Adopted 9/15/08) Top

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