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F.I.S.H. Resources

Information for New Tutors

Welcome to the Tutoring Services family!
There are a few tasks to complete and some procedures with which to become familiar.

Who can help me?
Please feel free to ask anyone in the office for help.

Record Keeping PowerPoint

Paperwork Procedures
Here is a sample progress report for one-on-one tutoring. Progress reports are kept opposite the student's tutor request form in the black books.  Here is a weekly paperwork checklist for tutors and SI leaders.

Student Attendance Procedures

Frequently Used Forms

Record a brief description of activities that you did during your work week. These hours should correspond with your Banner timesheet. This form needs to be turned in at the end of each work week to accurately reflect your activities during the week. Here are some tips for completing worklogs and a sample worklog.

Walk-In Log
Record your walk-in appointments on this form. To complete this form you will need to enter the date, time, student name, student banner number, course, and a brief session description. Here is a sample walk-in log.

Study Group Log
Record your study group or SI sessions on this form. On the first page you record information about the course and attendees, and on the second page you record the date and a brief session description. Here is a sample study group log.

Absence Notification Form & Advance Absence Request
If you must be gone from the office during the times you are scheduled to tutor or would like to take time off in advance, please return one of these forms to the scheduler as soon as possible. Here is a sample absence notification form.

Additional Resources

LCC Technology Systems
Find helpful information from the CTE about LCC's technology resources and applications.

Payroll establishes direct deposit, sets up tax sheltered annuities, and aids in changes to tax forms.

Human Resources
Find information about employee benefits, labor relations, and policies & procedures.

Labor Contracts
Tutoring positions are governed under Michigan Association for Higher Education (MAHE).
The MAHE Constitution may provide you with more information.

Parking & ID Services
Located at 215 in the Gannon Building, which is on the main floor across the hall from the cashier. This is where both an LCC ID (Star Card) and a parking permit for your car can be obtained. If you already have a Star Card, this is where it can be re-encoded for employee access. You will need your Username and employee number (Banner ID number), which can be found by logging into Star Port, clicking the "employee" tab, and checking the the top middle section titled "Banner ID Lookup." Faculty/staff parking areas, as well as current announcements, can be found as a link on the Parking & ID Services website.

Tutoring Services at Lansing Community College

The Learning Commons
108 Arts & Sciences
Phone: (517) 483-1206
Fax: (517) 483-1222
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