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24/7 Online Tutoring

Our commitment to your success does not end when class is out.

In addition to the face-to-face tutors in the Learning Commons, you have access to a live, on-demand tutor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in popular areas of study. This service also offers study help for tests and online study groups open to all classmates.

Students enrolled in the courses below are automatically granted access to the online tutoring service. If you are not enrolled in one of the courses below, ask your instructor to add your class or contact the Learning Commons at (517) 483-1206 or to request your course be added.

Courses Enrolled in Online Tutoring

ACAD 090 (CRN - 82733)
ACAD 101 (CRN - 82739)
ACCG 210
ACCG 211
ASTR 201
BIOL 121
CHEM (CRN - 80883, 80885, 80900, 81615, and 82884)
CHEM 125
CHSE 117 Health Law & Ethics
CHSE 120 Medical Terminology
CITA 110 (CRN - 80153, 80154)
CITA 119 (CRN - 80165)
CITA 219 (CRN - 80171)
CITP 110
CITW 180 (CRN - 80291)
CITW 160 (CRN - 80289)
CITW 165 (CRN - 80959)
CJUS 101
ISCI 131
MATH (all)
PFHW 163 (CRN - 80758, 80764)
PSYC 200 (all)
SOCL 120
SOCL 260
SPAN 121
STAT (all)

Don't see your course listed?

Request that yours be added! Contact the Learning Commons at (517) 483-1206 or You can also ask your instructor to have your class added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - My course is enrolled in the online tutoring, but I don't know how to access the online tutoring service. Where can I find it?

A - You will find the link to the online tutoring on D2L within your course resources. If you are having trouble accessing it, contact the Learning Commons at (517) 483-1206 or


Q - Can I individually get access to the online tutoring even though I am not currently enrolled in one of the selected classes?

A - No, your entire class must be given access to the tutoring. However, you can request that your class be added by contacting the Learning Commons or by asking your professor.


Q - Why weren't all classes given access to the online tutoring in the first place?

A - Since this is a new service LCC is offering its students, it is important to test the demand by students and professors, as well as to make sure we are offering the highest quality service. Consider this a "test run" for a feature that we intend to offer to every student and faculty member in the near future.



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