Lansing Community College

Students holding a visa other than F1 or M1 who wish to study at LCC are welcome to apply using our online application. Students are responsible for understanding whether their current status allows them to study while in the United States. Information from Immigration and Customs Enforcement regarding who is able to study in the United States can be found here. If a change of status to F1 or M1 is required, please follow the instructions for F1 or M1 students and contact Students who are not changing to F1 or M1 should apply now and follow the steps to create an account. Students should select the application type “Intl Visa not F1 or M1”.

After initial review of the application, students will be contacted with a request for further documentation.


The StarZone is home to many student service departments such as admissions, academic advising, financial aid, student finance, testing and more! Visit the Enrollment Support Specialists in the StarZone for help with admissions, class registration, general financial aid questions and more.

Student chats with helper at the StarZone in the Gannon building

Phone: 517-483-1200
Toll Free: 800-644-4522
Fax: 517-483-9668

Downtown Campus
Gannon Building
411 N. Grand Ave
Lansing, MI 48933

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Other Contacts

Registrar's Office

Phone: 517-483-1200 option 2
Online Chat

Financial Aid

Phone: 517-483-1200 option 1

Academic Advising

Phone: 517-483-1200 option 4

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