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Calendar Name: College-wide Events
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Start Time: 07:30 AM
End Time: 08:30 AM
Weekday(s): Thursday
Start Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013
End Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013

» Speakers Bureau: Generations in the Workplace

Speakers Bureau: Save the date! September 26, at Lansing Community College's West Campus

Joyce Marx will be presenting on "Generations in the Workplace" at this free event. Call (517) 483-1857 to sign up now.

Talking about my Generation? Did you know?
For ?Gen Y, computer technology is as natural as breathing with "texting" the preferred mode of communication? While Boomers grew up and lived a large amount of their adult lives without cell phones and computers, preferring to talk "face-to-face." How can they work together effectively? Find out more about?Generations in the Workplace at our new Speakers Bureau!

This event is free. You will leave with practical skills that can be used to help create respectful and productive relationships ?whether you're a Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, or Gen Z?.. 

Date: Thursday, September 26
Time: 7:30-8:30am
Location: Lansing Community College West Campus
5708 Cornerstone Drive, Lansing
Sign up: Call 
(517) 483-1857 today!

Upcoming in October! Supervisory Skills I
This popular series has been updated to meet your needs. These practical, interactive, fun management classes incorporate the core competencies needed for every supervisor who leads and manages others in todays work environment.

You will gain vital skills needed to meet the challenges associated with any leadership role. Call 
(517) 483-1857 or click?for more information.