Lansing Community College

Vision Statement

The vision of The Early College at Lansing Community College is to provide mid-Michigan high school juniors the opportunity to earn up to 60 college credits tuition free as a part of their high school learning experience. We will promote innovation and best practices in education. We will allow for both an inquiry-based teaching philosophy and a tangible career path for our students through our science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus. Our students will have a personalized learning experience within a small learning community, a positive school experience and the social and academic tools to successfully continue their education or career.


  • Earn high school diploma and up to 60 college credits, tuition free.
  • Reduce time in college by one year if an associate degree is earned.
  • Successfully transition to a college environment.
  • Potential savings of $25,000-$50,000 (if a student planned to attend a university and lived on campus).
  • Students will have access to one-on-one academic mentoring.


Students must be within one credit of junior status at a participating public high school in the Ingham and Eaton ISD service areas.

It is recommended that students have demonstrated proficiency in the following:  Algebra I, Geometry, English 9, English 10, 2 core Social Studies credits, 2 World Languages credits (same language), and 2 core sciences (one being Biology) prior to entering The Early College.


The academic program at The Early College is advanced. Professors provide support and challenge students to become academically responsible as they prepare them for college level courses.


A student's school day will depend on their individual progress within the program.


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