Lansing Community College

Educational Resource Development provides grant research, resources, and assistance throughout the college. While our main focus is government grants, we occasionally work on private foundation grants in partnership with the LCC Foundation. 

Our work is guided by our: 

Mission:  Continuously and collaboratively build LCC’s grant funding practice and success to support the college, our students, and the communities we serve.

Vision:  Be an innovative, motivated, and forward-thinking revenue source for the college.   

Values:  Exhibit excellence in the grants field, embody care for our work, and exemplify diversity, equity, and inclusion within our process and our results. 

If you would like to learn more about grants or pursue one, your first step is to talk with us.

Services we offer include:

  • Discussing grant basics 
  • Researching grant funders
  • Leading pre-grant work such as preparing a Case Statement
  • Facilitating program design and grant preparation 
  • Overseeing the college’s grant approval and submission processes
  • Securing outside grant writers and evaluators when needed
  • Working with Grants Finance to develop grant application budgets and, if a grant is awarded, review fund use 
  • Providing other assistance as needed or requested
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Educational Resource Development (ERD)

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