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Accessibility Cheat Sheets
Accessible Instructional Materials
Create an Accessible Word Document and Save as a PDF Document

Copyright Issues on the Internet

Cheating in Online Student Assessment: Beyond Plagiarism
Coalition for Networked Information
Copyright and Fair Use site
Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Issues
Copyright Resources Online
Heiros Gamos' Intellectual Property Law
Understanding and Preventing Plagiarism
The United States Copyright Office of the Library of Congress
Legal Sources of Online Content

Diversity & Multicultural Resources

National Multicultural Institute
Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research

Games, Simulations, and other Interactive Resources

Fun Brain
Games and Activities for the Classroom
Hot Potatoes
Hot Potatoes Tutorial
Merlot (search keywords: games, java, simulations, etc.)
Quiz Bowl
Quizlet Scatter and SpaceRace are game-like
The Applet Collection
Varsity Learning Tools Practice Tests

Internet Resources

Learn the Net - Friendliest guide to the Internet.

Net Lingo - The leading dictionary of Internet terms. This site contains a comprehensive listing of hundreds of words which are emerging as a new vocabulary surrounding the technology and community of the World Wide Web.


the Journal - News on the world of computers & related technologies, focusing on applications that improve teaching & learning for all ages.

Library Resources

Search the CTE Library
Lansing Community College Library Home Page
Library of Michigan
Michigan eLibrary
Michigan State University Libraries

Teaching and Learning Adult Continuing Education
College Student Study Skills Guide
Effective Study Strategies
MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Sites for Teachers
Study Guides and Strategies
Team-Based Learning Collaborative
Test Prep Review
Tips for Internet Research
University Center for Excellence in Teaching at Indiana University
Wisconsin Online

Teaching Resource Centers

University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching - CRLT is dedicated to the support and advancement of learning and teaching at the University of Michigan, with special emphasis on undergraduate education.

Center for Teaching Excellence
TLC Building
400 N. Capitol, Suite 324
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (517) 483-1680
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Open Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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