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Self-Paced Online Workshops

Listed below are a variety of faculty development workshops which faculty can take at their own pace. If there are topics you would like to see online, or if you are interested in developing a self-paced online workshop, contact Megan Lin at

Accessing LCC’s Technology Systems and Applications
This brief tutorial is an overview of the technology systems and applications used at LCC, such as Collaboration Suite, Banner, Desire2Learn, etc.

Course Planning and Development
This workshop focuses on developing and writing learning outcomes, learning activities, and assessment methods. In addition, elements of course syllabi and textbook criteria are examined.

Developing Your Teaching/Learning/Service Portfolio
In this section, developed by Psychology Faculty Member Sharon Hughes, learn what professional portfolios are, how they are used at LCC, and what is typically included in a portfolio.

Early Semester Student Feedback
Learn several quick and easy student feedback techniques that you can begin using in your classes immediately!

Ending on a High Note
While the first day of class is important in terms of setting the tone and creating a positive learning environment, the last day(s) of class is equally important. The last day(s) can provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning. This workshop will provide suggestions for bringing meaningful closure to your classes.

Getting Your Class off to a Great Start
Learn a variety of icebreaker activities and how to create a positive environment on the first day of class. One example activity is called "Problem Posting." Learn to determine how and what to cover for course policies, as well as suggestions for introducing the course content.

Lecturing Techniques
Review this self-paced online workshop to learn more about the benefits and limitations of lecturing. Suggestions for preparing, delivering and pacing the lecture are also provided.

Program-Level Outcomes and Assessment
The intent of this workshop is to extend the work many faculty have accomplished in developing measurable outcomes and assessment practices in their courses to the program level.

Testing Techniques
In this workshop, the following topics will be addressed: The purpose of testing, advantages and disadvantages of various test items, tips on test constructions, alternative testing, reducing test anxiety, tips on administering the test and providing students with meaningful feedback on their exams.

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