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Lesson 1: Benefits and Limitations of Lecturing

"Given the recent invention of the printing press, why do college professors continue to lecture so much?" -Anonymous


  • A large amount of information can be covered.
  • Time-efficient.
  • Can instill enthusiasm and motivation for further study.
  • The lecturer can cover material and/or highlight current research not available in accessible printed materials.
  • Allows for maximum teacher control.
  • Less threatening to students.
  • Learning by listening and watching is emphasized.


  • Does not necessarily promote independent thought or the development of problem solving skills.
  • Students may be passive.
  • Students attention wanes within the first fifteen to twenty-five minutes of the lecture.
  • The instructor may lack feedback regarding student understanding.
  • Information is quickly forgotten.
  • Lecturing presumes that all students learn at the same pace and level, and have the same learning style.
  • It is assumed that when teachers talk, students listen.
  • Students are not necessarily held accountable in preparing for class.

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