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Parking Lot

  • Do your students sometimes digress from the topic at hand?
  • Are you torn because you want to address their questions but you are also concerned about interrupting the flow, or getting too far off topic?

Consider putting a "parking lot" on the board. It could be a circle or square where you record questions and ideas not directly related to the task at hand. If you use a "parking lot," consider one of the following options during the last few minutes of class:

  1. Address the questions in the "parking lot" as appropriate, particularly if they relate to upcoming sessions.
  2. Decide what "vehicles" will be driven away and by whom. If a question is not related to the topic, ask a volunteer to find the solution and share their findings either in the next class session or via your Desire2Learn course site. (If no one volunteers, maybe the question isn't worth pursuing.)


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