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Setting Expectations for Writing

One way to prepare students for the written work you may assign during the semester is to provide them, early on, with a brief list of writing expectations for your course. Doing so will allow your students to ask questions and to begin to prepare for the work before you assign it. It will also send an appropriate message about the importance of writing in your course.

Your list might include some or all of the following, and anything else you consider essential:

  • The amount of writing (in words, pages, etc.)
  • The number and weights of graded writing assignments
  • The kind(s) of graded assignments (reports, exams, research essays, analyses, etc.)
  • Your standards for evaluating the graded assignments (rubric)
  • A brief explanation of how each writing assignment will contribute to your students’ experience in the course.

You might also include information about how and where your students can get help with writing projects:

  • Through collaboration with you
  • Through peer collaboration in class (or elsewhere)
  • Through visiting the Writing Center
  • Through visiting Tutorial Services

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