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Guidelines for Utilizing Learning Circle Funds

  1. The funds (not to exceed $500.00) are to be used in ways that enhance the Learning Circle's (LC) purpose and provide a congenial setting for your meetings. Using some of the money for food, particularly if you meet during meal times is reasonable, but try to use the majority of the funds in other ways such as buying books and materials, bringing in a guest speaker, or travel related to the group's needs.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Learning Circle facilitator (not the CTE) to keep track of funds used, and it is imperative that the $500.00 limit not be exceeded. The CTE will keep an expense report based on the utilization of funds for books, food, etc., but it is up to the LC to keep track of personnel-related costs. (Please note the non-teaching rate is 1/2 of a faculty member's teaching rate.)
  3. Funds can be utilized for the following expenditures:
    • Subscriptions
    • Printing/Xeroxing
    • Books
    • Conference and/or travel related expenses
    • Software
    • Office supplies
    • Refreshments
    • Speaker(s)
    • To reimburse faculty – especially part-time faculty – who attend Learning Circle meetings
  4. Funds may NOT be used for the following:
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Entertainment
    • Personal items
    • To reimburse a substitute teacher so the LC member can attend a Circle meeting
    • For items/services normally purchased by the Department/Program
  5. Please contact CTE Support Staff, at 483-1680 at least two weeks in advance of your needs.
  6. Should your group decide to utilize Learning Circle funds to reimburse faculty, the Meeting Report Form will be used to document their time and participation. Therefore, it is critical that the exact time and date of the meeting be included on the Meeting Report Form. The CTE (NOT the faculty member or their department) will reimburse part-time faculty by submitting an Alternative Pay, which will be processed at the end of each semester. In other words, a faculty member will see their participation in Learning Circles reflected in one paycheck per semester.

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