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2014 Marks Award Winning Year for Lansing Community College

December 17, 2014

Lansing, MICH – Lansing Community College’s (LCC) 2014 was studded with awards from a variety of organizations ranging from visual art to the art of budgeting.

The year was capped off when the Arts Council of Greater Lansing selected LCC President Dr. Brent Knight to receive the Business Leadership Award for public art. The award was given Dec. 2 at the University Club of MSU.

“Our annual event is the perfect forum for honoring our awardees,” Arts Council Executive Director Deborah E. Mikula said in a press release. “Holiday Glitter draws in patrons and guests from all corners of the community, so the award winners receive the widespread recognition they deserve.”

According to the Council, Dr. Knight was recognized with the Business Leadership Award for making a commitment to the arts that has been realized in the recent installation of 19 public sculptures. All of the works of art, from the 30 foot tall red ribbon to the towering elementary display, were designed, fabricated, or engineered by LCC faculty, alumni, or students.

“We are proud to honor those individuals and businesses that make a difference in the arts,” Mikula said. “This year’s recipients follow the Arts Council's mission to support, strengthen and promote arts, culture and creativity in the capital region. We are grateful for their dedication and their passion, as it is these things that keep the arts at the forefront in strengthening and growing our cities and communities.”

In the same week, on behalf of the college, Board of Trustees Chairman Larry Meyer accepted the Saginaw Oakland Commercial Association (SOCA) 2014 Placemaker of the Year award for investments in public art. The award was given on December 3 at Harry’s Place in Lansing.

“There’s value in building communities around people,” Dr. Knight said. “LCC plays a vital role in growing a knowledge-based economy and engaged citizenry. We are delighted that our investments have contributed to the revitalization of the Saginaw and Oakland Avenue corridors, and we will continue to think outside of the box to boost placemaking in the community.”

Earlier this year, the National Purchasing Institute awarded the LCC Purchasing Department with the 19th Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award which was presented October 19-22 in Dallas, Texas. The award recognizes excellence in innovation, professionalism, e-procurement, productivity, and leadership attributes of procurement. LCC is one of only two government agencies in Michigan and one of only 23 higher education agencies in the nation to receive the award. Moreover, this is the twelfth consecutive year that the Purchasing Department at LCC has received this award.

Also in 2014, Lansing Community College received the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013. The award was made by the Government Finance Officers Association. LCC has received a Popular Award for the last three consecutive years (fiscal years ended June 30, 2011, 2012, and 2013). This award is a result of the exceptional work being done by the staff of the Financial Services Division.

LCC was also recognized as a finalist for the Exemplary CEO and Board of Trustees Award from the Association of Community Colleges. This award acknowledges exemplary collaboration and working relationships in promoting effectiveness in community college governance.

In October, LCC Board members Robin Smith and Robert Proctor were installed as officers of the American Association of Community College Trustees. Robin Smith will serve as chairman of the Board of Directors and Robert Proctor will serve as chairman of the Diversity Committee.

In addition to the awards and new appointments, according to Community College Week, LCC currently ranks 54th in the nation for the number of two-year degrees awarded—in all disciplines, and number one in Michigan.

About Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College is Michigan's third largest community college with approximately 20,000 students attending each year. LCC offers courses in general education for those interested in transferring to a four-year institution, career and workforce development, developmental education and personal enrichment. To meet the professional development and training needs of regional employees, the college offers customized programs for credit, non-credit and continuing education. The University Center at LCC offers students the opportunity to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees from six partner universities on the downtown LCC campus. For more information, visit

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