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Lansing Community College Ranked #1 in Michigan

October 28, 2016

LANSING, MICH. - Lansing Community College (LCC) is making lists, receiving awards, and being featured as a leading resource and contributor to higher education and community by local, regional and national organizations.

In October, ranked LCC the No. 1 community college out of 28 public two-year institutions in the state of Michigan. The site, which serves as a comprehensive guide to accredited and on-line educational institutions, placed LCC at the top of its Top 10 List based on numbers from the U.S. Department of Education and Michigan Center for Educational Performance Information.

"The findings by validates our commitment to student success, and our continual quest to be among the very best in delivering educational excellence and opportunity to everyone," says Robert Proctor, chair of the LCC Board of Trustees. "We are proud to be leaders in helping prepare people for promising work and careers in the 21st century."

In mid-November, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce will recognize LCC's investment in community through the annual 2016 Celebration of Regional Growth Awards. The award acknowledges LCC's ongoing initiatives (see video) to strengthen the connection between people and places in downtown Lansing through major upgrades to central campus buildings and creation of a cleaner, greener campus.

"We thank the Chamber for its support and recognition of our belief that creating a sense of place is critical to the growth and vitality of our community and the students we serve," says LCC President Brent Knight. "We are proud to be part of Lansing's renaissance, and to foster an environment that contributes to the development of our next generation of workers, scholars and educators."

The College's philosophy and efforts in creating enriching environments was also the subject of two features in separate publications by the American Association of Community Colleges. Knight's essay on placemaking appeared in the 2016 October/November issue of Community College Journal, while an article on ambient learning, co-authored by Knight and LCC Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Paul Hernandez, ran in an early October edition of Community College Daily.

"The Lansing area is a diverse global community and economy, one that has roared to life over the last ten years, embracing and competing successfully on that global stage," says Bob Trezise, president/CEO of LEAP. "LCC has been on the cutting edge for talent development, skill enhancement and extraordinary placemaking efforts, helping lead Global Lansing into the 21st century. We are fortunate to have such a community college."

About Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College is Michigan's third largest community college with approximately 15,000 students attending each year. LCC offers courses in general education for those interested in transferring to a four-year institution, career and workforce development, developmental education, and personal enrichment. To meet the professional development and training needs of regional employees, the college offers customized programs for credit, non-credit, and continuing education. The University Center at LCC offers students the opportunity to earn bachelor's and master's degrees from six partner universities on the downtown LCC campus. For more information, visit

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