Lansing Community College

Emergency Contact Information

LCC Police Department
LCC Dispatch: 517-483-1800
Available 24 hours a day

Downtown Campus – LCC Police
411 N. Grand Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933
Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus – LCC Police
5708 Cornerstone Drive
Lansing, MI 48917
Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500

In an emergency, call 911 for local Police, Fire and emergency medical services

Title IX Contact Information

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Resources

To file a complaint, contact a Title IX Coordinator:


Student Complaint Form

Christine Thompson
Dir. Of Student Compliance
Student Title IX Coordinator
Gannon Building
411 N. Grand Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: 517-483-9632

Greg Lattig
Athletic Director
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Gannon Building
411 N. Grand Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: 517-483-1622


Employee Complaint Form

Dr. Lisa Thomas
Human Resources Manager
Employee Title IX Coordinator
610 N. Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: 517-483-1879


(harassment based on race, religion, disability, or other non-gender based issues)

JR Beauboeuf
Director of Risk Management & Equal Opportunity Officer
309 N. Washington Square
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: 517-483-1730

LCC Police Department Services

Visit us by stopping by the LCC Police Department office in the Gannon Building downtown or call 517-483-1800.

  • Battery jump starts
  • Directional assistance
  • Lost & Found at the Downtown and West campuses
    Disposal of unclaimed items takes place at the end of every semester
  • Open locked vehicles
  • Safety escort
  • After hours building access, if necessary
  • Emergency CPR, First Aid, or AED use during a medical emergency
  • Emergency notifications, timely warnings and campus safety notices when warranted
  • The development and delivery of campus safety and law enforcement talks, when requested
  • Buildings are surveilled by LCCPD officers foot patrols and several interior/exterior cameras throughout LCC campuses.
  • RAVE Guardian is a free app available for use at Lansing Community College.  There are several features including: a personal safety timer, LCCPD direct chat, LCCPD direct call, LCC Alert Notifications, local 911 direct call, and help/tip lines.

Please report suspicious behavior, unusual circumstances and any possible law enforcement crimes or offenses immediately by calling 517-483-1800. Anonymous reporting is acceptable.

LCC Police investigates all criminal incidents which take place on a campus within the College's jurisdiction.

Minors on Campus

Lansing Community College is committed to providing a safe environment for minors who participate in College programs and activities. All students, including those who have not attained the legal age of majority and who participate in College sponsored activities or programs, including but not limited to athletic and educational camps and the ERESA program are expected to follow all College policies, procedures, and the Student Code of Conduct. The College has Standard Operating Procedures in place to provide a safe environment for minors who participate in programs held by outside organizations using College facilities.

Campus and Community Resources for Student and Employee Survivors of Sexual Assault or Abuse

On-Campus Resources
On-Campus Type of Services Available Service Provider Contact Information

Student Counseling

Mental Health counseling. LCC's state-licensed, professional counselors help students manage stress, personal loss, relationships, substance abuse, family matters, and provide support for all circumstances and stressors that affect a student's academic performance.

Center for Student Support


Employee Counseling

Health Management System of America (HMSA). The HMSA Employee Assistance Program is a confidential, voluntary service that provides professional counseling and referral services designed to help LCC employees and eligible family members (spouse and dependents in your household) with personal, job, or family related problems.

Human Resources



Campus Safety, file reports, vehicle lock outs and battery jumps, on campus escorts.

LCC Police Department


Adult Resource Center

Registration assistance, referrals to community and campus resources, on-going student support, tuition and child care grants, a calculator lending program, and academic advising.

Center for Student Support


Fostering Stars

Students currently engaged in or aging out of the foster care system. Some of the services provided in this program include: advising, academic support, community outreach, transportation assistance, specific emergency assistance, care-packages, one-on-one mentoring, group membership and networking opportunities.

Center for Student Support


Student Access

Accommodations for students with disabilities.

Center for Student Access


Veterans Resources

Assist veteran and dependent students with VA GI Bill® benefit. Acts as a liaison between students, the VA, and other LCC departments; making contacts on behalf of students when needed. We also offer a dedicated academic advisor, and a large veteran lounge area as a place for veteran students to utilize.

Veteran Services

517-483-5246 or Toll Free: 800-644-4522

Student Life

Student Clubs and organizations, Student Leadership Academy, Student Newspaper, Volunteer Opportunities, Student housing resources, transportation options, voting registration, Student Ombudsperson.

Center for Student Support


Visa and Immigration (Global Student Services)

Provide support services to English Language Learning (ELL) students who are immigrants, permanent residents, or U.S. citizens as well as provide assistance to international students who are admitted to the U.S. in a temporary, non-resident status (any type of visa).

Center for Student Support


Student Compliance

Student Title IX Complaints, Behavioral Intervention for students of concern, Code of Conduct.

Center for Student Support


Employee Support

Report sexual misconduct against an employee, Employee wellness assistance Labor relations, leave of absent, accommodations, benefits, healthcare, tuition waivers.

Human Resources


Legal Services and Risk Management

File discrimination complaints: Any employees or students who believe that discrimination has occurred against themselves or others are urged to report the matter as soon as possible.

Office of Risk Management and Legal Services, Equal Opportunity


Foundation scholarships and Financial Management

Offer numerous scholarships, funded by the contributions of businesses, non-profit entities, and individuals, to students who meet the criteria established by the scholarship donors.

Foundation Office


Academic Advising

Identify a program of study that aligns with your long-term career goals. 

Guidance and clarity on program of study pre-requisites and sequencing. Support with navigating transfer to four-year school options/goals.  Advising that will help you navigate your pathway efficiently. Assistance with creating a course map that will help you achieve your transfer goals and/or your certificate / associate degree completion goals. Degree Works graduation audits and "what-if I change my program of study" and MTA audits.

Advising Advising

option 4

ACCESS Program

Provides student support for the personal, social, cultural, and academic adjustment of BIPOC, LGTBQ+, First-Generation, Low Income, adult students; varying ability; and other marginalized and underrepresented students groups.

Cesar Chavez Learning Center


Financial Aid

Assists students with finding resources to finance their postsecondary education. Financial Aid resources are available through the federal government, state government, private organizations, and Lansing Community College.

Financial Aid Office


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Off-Campus Resources
Off-Campus Type of Services Available Service Provider Contact Information


Report crimes, submit tips, community safety and policing.

City of Lansing



Report crimes, submit tips, community safety and policing.

Ingham County Sheriffs



Report crimes, submit tips, community safety and policing.

Eaton County Sheriff

Main Office:




Report crimes, submit tips, community safety and policing.

Clinton County Sheriff



Report crimes, submit tips, community safety and policing.

Livingston County Sheriff


Personal Protection

A Petition for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) can be filed by individuals who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by a spouse, former spouse, family member, partner, parent of your child, current or former roommate, or current or former dating partner. A Petition for a PPO may also be filed if there is proof of stalking.

Ingham County


Personal Protection

A Petition for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) can be filed by individuals who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by a spouse, former spouse, family member, partner, parent of your child, current or former roommate, or current or former dating partner. A Petition for a PPO may also be filed if there is proof of stalking.

Eaton County


Personal Protection

A Petition for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) can be filed by individuals who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by a spouse, former spouse, family member, partner, parent of your child, current or former roommate, or current or former dating partner. A Petition for a PPO may also be filed if there is proof of stalking.

Clinton County


Personal Protection

A Petition for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) can be filed by individuals who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by a spouse, former spouse, family member, partner, parent of your child, current or former roommate, or current or former dating partner. A Petition for a PPO may also be filed if there is proof of stalking.

Livingston County



The MSU Sexual Assault Healthcare Program is staffed 24/7 by specialized forensic nurses.  Services are free and available to adults who have been sexually assaulted within the last 5 days.

MSU Sexual Assault Health Care Program



Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) offers, with consent, a medical forensic examination including taking a patient history and doing a physical exam. The nurse will collect evidence (if wanted) based on the assault history and physical findings of the exam. They also offer photo documentation of all injuries, emergency contraception, STI/HIV prophylactic treatment as appropriate, and can testify as an expert witness.

Sparrow Forensic Nurse Program


Mental Health

Cristo Rey is a community center that provides free or low cost counseling, medical treatment, access to a food pantry, and a financial empowerment center.

Cristo Rey Community Center


Mental Health

We provide a free anonymous confidential telephone crisis hotline to deal with crises that include depression, suicide, loneliness, sexual assault, grief, and many others.  We also provide referrals for services throughout the Greater Lansing area.

Listening Ear


Mental Health

Help enable mental well-being, financial independence, addressing trauma.

Women's Center of Greater Lansing


Victim Advocacy

Committed to helping our member agencies, their communities, and our state and local partners as they work to change the societal norms, practices, and behaviors that allow or condone perpetration of abuse. Our support includes a variety of programs, technical assistance and training that are designed to empower communities to implement prevention activities and programming in ways that are inclusive, relevant and sustainable.

Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence


Victim Advocacy

Helping Survivors recognizes that healing from sexual assault and abuse is a complex, multi-dimensional journey. Our team advocates for survivors by providing the tools and assistance needed for them to work through emotional and psychological layers to reclaim a sense of peace. The team behind includes healthcare providers, legal professionals, survivors, as well as friends and family members of survivors.

Helping Survivors

No online number listed visit Helping Survivors

Victim Advocacy

MSU Safe Place provides services to anyone who has experienced, or is experiencing, an abusive or controlling relationship. Services include counseling, support group, advocacy, shelter, information and referrals. All services are free, confidential and available on campus to students, faculty, staff and their partners who have experienced domestic violence. Members of the greater Lansing community who are in need of support may also contact MSU Safe Place.

MSU Safe Place


Victim Advocacy

Post-arrest response team for victims/survivors of domestic violence in Lansing, Lansing Township, Meridian Township, East Lansing and on the campus of Michigan State University. A staff member or a team of 2 volunteers responds to victims at their homes or places of employment, the hospital, or local police department to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, and information about area resources.

Capital Area Response Effort


Victim Advocacy

Direct service response making the advocacy, criminal justice, academic institution, and health care systems more accessible and responsive to survivors and thus prioritizing healing and justice.

MSU Sexual Assault Response Team


Victim Advocacy

Free and confidential individual counseling, advocacy, and support groups to MSU students and community.

MSU Center for Survivors

517-372-6666 24hr Crisis hotline

Victim Advocacy

Medical Advocacy, Counseling, Domestic Violence Advocacy. Nonprofit that provides supportive services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, and elder abuse. All Services are free and confidential.

End Violent Encounters (EVE)

24 Hour Crisis Line: 517-372-5572

Victim Advocacy

SafeCenter provides temporary and safe housing for women and children. While in shelter, survivors are provided with meals, personal care items, advocacy, and counseling.  We do not currently house adult men, but we are happy to assist male survivors with finding a safe place.

Safe Center

(877) 952-7283 24 HR crisis hotline

Victim Advocacy

Title IX Advocacy, Trauma informed survivor centered, Counseling, Prenatal Advocacy.

Firecracker Foundation


Victim Advocacy

We advocate for the rights of our community members by honoring and affirming the interconnectedness of oppression.

Salus Center-Lansing LGBTQIA+ Community Center


Victim Advocacy

Transform society's response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors' healing, and end this violence through education and advocacy.

Joyful Heart Foundation


Victim Advocacy

Work with men and boys, we enhance awareness of the increased risk female-identified, trans, non-conforming folks have of multiple forms of violence, due to their perceived gender identity.

White Ribbon Campaign


Victim Advocacy

Non-profit, public benefit organization committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.

Male Survivor

No online number listed visit Male Survivor

Victim Advocacy

Victim Services, Public Education, Consultation.


800-656-HOPE(4673) 24 hr. hotline

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance for battered women

National Clearinghouse for The Defense of Battered Women

800-903-0111, ext. 3

Legal Assistance

Information on victims' rights in Michigan.

Michigan Crime Victim Rights


Legal Assistance

Advocacy and legal representation for victims.

Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys of Michigan


Legal Assistance

Search sex offenders in your area.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry


Visa and Immigration

Handle scheduled interviews on non-asylum related applications. They also provide limited information and applicant services.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services


Student Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information and assistance.

Michigan Student Aid


Sexual Assault Survivor Resources

Campus Security Information

The Annual Security Report (ASR) is published annually on or before Oct. 1st in accordance with the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 (Clery Act). The report is required by federal law to certify our good-faith effort, to ensure you are aware of your surroundings and have the information you need to keep yourself safe. The Annual Security Report contains statistics from the previous three years concerning crimes that occurred on campus, on non-campus buildings, on properties owned or controlled by the College, and on public property. The report also includes College policy statements concerning campus security, crime prevention, reporting of crimes; timely warnings; emergency response and evacuation; alcohol use, drug use, and sexual offenses.

The Annual Security Report is available on the LCC Police Department website. A hard copy of the report is available upon request by contacting the LCC Police Department Office at 517-483-1800, or in person in the Gannon Building, 411 N. Grand Avenue, Room 2110, Lansing Michigan

Contact Us

Chief Gaines, a police cadet and four students posing in a row for a photo
Police and Dispatch Services
Downtown Campus

Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus

Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500


Additional Contact

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