Lansing Community College

LCC believes strongly in its mission to provide a high-quality education to anyone who wants to learn.

In 2021, the college furthered that mission by joining Achieving the Dream, a national network dedicated to increasing student success. This peer-driven community will provide LCC with access to the latest high-impact practices, technical conferences, and research staff who can extend our capacity. The network will help the college scale up efforts toward equity already begun by faculty and staff.

This is not LCC's first time engaging with Achieving the Dream. In 2010, the college was one of 26 community colleges nationwide chosen to participate. With the expertise of Achieving the Dream, LCC expanded its data-collection and distribution work, hosted collegewide summits that resulted in new strategies to enhance student success, and more.

Ten years later, it is time to reengage. Driven by the development of the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan and the 2020 Equity Action Plan, LCC is ready to review the resources and tools provided by Achieving the Dreams to help more of our students – particularly those who have been underserved by the traditional model of higher education – complete their goal.

The call to join a student success network was brought by the LCC president and leadership. The Academic Senate’s Senate Operations Advisory and Review Committee (SOAR) was tasked with recommending a national peer network we could join to help us with our efforts. The SOAR committee and full Academic Senate then voted to recommend we join Achieving the Dream.

In December 2020, the college opened applications to any employee interested in serving on a steering committee. The steering committee was selected in January 2021 and will guide our engagement with the national network and champion student success collegewide.


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