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Creating a smooth pathway from LCC to MSU

Envision Green is a partnership between Lansing Community College (LCC) and Michigan State University (MSU) that helps students navigate between the institutions and maximize their opportunities at both. Envision Green provides strong support for students who want to transfer from LCC to MSU.

Ready to take the next step? Current LCC students should:
  • Meet with an LCC academic advisor to develop an academic pathway to become admissible to MSU.
  • Attend a transfer success session (below) to connect with MSU advising and admissions staff.
  • Meet with an MSU academic advisor (below) to determine academic options at MSU based on transferable credits.
  • Connect with MSU admissions staff to determine admissibility to MSU. Apply to MSU.
  • Apply for MSU transfer student scholarships.

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Laura B. Wise
Program Director, Envision Green

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Envision Green Events

Thu Jul 11
Mon Aug 05

Envision Green Walk-In Academic Advising

Meet with an MSU Academic Advisor to help plan your transition to MSU. No appointment is required – just check in at the StarZone Desk to find out which room the Advisor is in. We strongly encourage students to attend a Transfer Success Session before meeting with an Advisor.

Summer Hours
Wednesdays 1:30 – 5 p.m.

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